Transportation Improvement Program 2015-2018

Palouse RTPO, is required by Federal and State regulations to develop a Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP).  The RTIP is the financial plan that identifies and prioritizes federally funded and regionally significant transportation projects to be carried out in Asotin, Columbi, Garfield and Whitman counties. Projects including Federal funds must appear in the (RTIP) and are approved by the Palouse RTPO Transportation Policy Board, Washington State Department of Transportation  (WSDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  The projects are then included in the Statewide TIP (STIP).  While the TIP is a six-year document, the projects in the first four years are fiscally constrained and included in the STIP.  All projects in the RTIP must be consistent with the Palouse RTPO Regional Transportation Plan. The 2015-2020 PRTPO RTIP was approved by the Policy Board on 10/13/2015

RTIP Programming Policies

Palouse RTPO Amendment and Modification Procedures

2015-2020 Palouse RTPO RTIP (6 Year)

2015-2018 PRTPO RTIP (4 Year)

2015-2018 PRTPO Financial Feasibility Detailed Report

2015-2018 Financial Feasibility Summary Report

Transportation priorities and funding strategies change over time. It is likely that the project list identified in the RTIP will need to be altered at some point prior to the development of the next RTIP. Federal requirements stipulate that a jurisdiction cannot utilize federal funds on a project until it is programmed in the STIP, even though the jurisdiction has been awarded money for that project. PRTPO has developed RTIP amendment and modification procedures to ensure that new projects and changes to existing projects can be included in the RTIP efficiently. In order to ensure that sufficient time is available for decision makers and the public to review proposed amendments prior to Transportation Policy Board Action, project sponsors should submit their proposed amendments to the RTIP by the following deadlines: 06/01/2015 09/01/2015 03/01/2016 Washington State Department of Transportation maintains amendments to the STIP. Please refer to their website for any amendments that occur throughout the year.

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