Palouse Regional Transportation Plan 2040

The Palouse 2040 RTP, final version draft, is now available for public review and comments. Please review the draft and send in your comments by Feb 22, 2018 by 5pm.   Palouse 2040 Final Draft (.pdf 3mb)  Plan Appendices (.xlsx 2.1mb) Palouse RTP 2040 Sections: Executive Summary Introduction of the Palouse RTPO Prepartion of the Palouse 2040 Plan and Public Involvement Relationship to Other Activities, Studies and Plans Correlation of Regional and Statewide Policy Goals Regional Transportation Improvements & Programs Region’s Key Issues Region Wide Infrastructures and Modes of Transportations Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Safety and Roadway Geometrics Palouse 2040 Discussions and Strategies Palouse 2040 Projects Regional Transportation Plan Implementation Financial Plan and Resources Plan Appendices Appendix A: PRTPO Board and TAC Members Appendix B: Meeting Flyers Appendix C: Public Meeting Material Appendix D and D1: Public Comments during the Process Appendix E: Regionally Significant Roadways Appendix F: Future Planning Studies for Other issues Appendix G: Detailed Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Cost for cities Appendix H: Detailed Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Cost for counties Appendix I: Gravel Roadway to BST Conversion Estimates Appendix J: Expected 24 Years Revenue Appendix K- Palouse RTPO Funded Transportation Alternative Projects (TAP) Appendix L: Regional Transportation Improvement Program (2018-2023)   
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