Regional Freight Study 2016

Palouse RTPO routinely conducts freight evaluation of the four county region. Previous Freight study was completed in 2007, and many investments and decisions were made to improve freight movement since then. Palouse RTPO board decided to conduct a newer freight study for 2016 and the scope and targets were reassessed to get the study to produce most helpful information that region can benefit. As always, PRTPO is looking for ways to help understand and enhance our transportation needs to make us more efficient and successful as a region. Below is an adopted draft of the latest and previous study on Palouse Regional Freight movements. This project was sought out for a qualified consultants and after reviewing various qualified consultants, PRTPO has decided to award this project to Dr. Ken Casavant (DBA Palouse Partners).

Palouse Regional Freight Study 2016 (Final Version)

Palouse Regional Freight Study 2007

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