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The Palouse Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a multimodal long range plan that establishes the strategic framework for meeting the PRTPO’s current and future transportation needs. Developed through extensive coordination with affected agencies and public input, the RTP provides a “tool box” to facilitate cooperation and maximize resources to jointly select high-priority transportation projects and programs for regional funding and implementation through out the region. Below are the details from 2010 RTP documents. PRTPO is currently working on updating RTP for a long vision i.e. 2016- 2035. To obtain a full copy of RTP document please contact our office. Executive Summary (Transportation Issues) Sections: Introduction Goals and Policies Palouse Regional Profile Regional Transportation System Region’s Key Issues Correlations of Region’s Key issues with Statewide issues Pavement maintenance Preservation Safety and Roadway Geometrics Financial Plan Regional Transportation Plan Implementation      Illustrated specific details: List of Regionally significant Roadways Other Transportation Issues Pavement maintenance/ Preservation detailed forecast for cities and counties Detailed Engineers Opinion of probabale cost to construct BST roadway over existing gravel road High Priority Safety Corridors Funding Mechanism Revenue Expenditure and Forecast by counties Palouse Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) As we work towards our regional goals, there are always things tend to change and worked on. As these changes happen, PRTPO by law needs to amend new and existing projects that are regionally significant and based on our policies and boards consent, following projects have been adopted for current regional transportation plan. Tekoa Truck route realignment US 195- SR 26 Intersection Improvement 
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