Human Services Transportation Coordination

Plan (HSTCP)

The Palouse RTPO is required by federal law to create the HSTCP plan every 4 years and have n outreach update every two years on a recently completed HSTCP plan. PRTPO led the update to the coordinated public transit-human services transportation coordination plan (HSTCP) for our four counties in 2014.  The HSTCP is a plan that identifies transportation needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and persons with low incomes; provides strategies and activities to address those needs; and prioritizes regional projects for funding and implementation. A planning process was designed for the HSTCP update that included regular participation by a committee representing special needs populations across the region.  This committee included representatives from transit agencies, public school transportation services, Indian tribes, private non-profits, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.  Public outreach for the HSTCP update included gathering input at several annual events that target special needs populations, ride-along surveys with paratransit riders, focus group meetings and paper-electronic surveys of regional transportation needs. The most recent HSTCP was approved in December 2014 by the Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization (PRTPO)  Policy Board. However, a final round of outreach to complete 2014 HSTCP study is scheduled in August 2015. (click here for details)

Human Services Transportation Plan update (to be completed in 2016)

Human Services Transportation Plan (2014)

Human Services Transportation Plan update (2012)

Human Services Transportation Plan (2010)

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