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PRTPO is always looking for various strategic ways to analyze and help meet our growing transportation demands. All the Palouse RTPO funded Transportation studies are intended to make our transportation infrastructuremore efficient, operational and safe for all users. All these studies become an integral part of the Palouse RTPO Regional Transportation Plan. Palouse RTPO has been a part of numerous studies and projects throughout the region. We’ve had following recently concluded studies. We also participate in many more studies that are undergoing to understand our region and its key issues.

Palouse Regional Freight Study 2007

Palouse HSTCP Final 2010

City of Tekoa- Truck Route Feasibility study

Palouse Transportation Funding Guide 2009

Regional Road Planning and Transportation Impact study guidelines

Pullman City- SR 276 Bypass Route Study

South Bypass conceptual Route Studye by City of Pullman

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